Clouds of Envy


Clouds of Envy


Envy is a bright green flame incandescent in your eyes,

And with every word uttered it only burns brighter.

Something you’d cradle so gently, yet tossed away without a second thought before your eyes. After all, envy only fans the flames of hatred that run deep through the veins of memories caught over the years.

It makes a harsh clicking noise, like a pair of steel stilettos strutting down an alloy road as every action pairs with rising distaste.

Envy tastes bitter, an aftertaste of worthlessness consuming your mouth.

It has a faint but repulsive scent, something you’d smell twice to be sure it’s really there.

Envy is just like a fog slowly swallowing you and clouding every judgment, expanding until there’s only a hint of reason left. It mingles around your every thought and action, springing forward when called and taking its sweet time on its way out.