To Dwell On the Past

Victoria Liao, Author

Victoria Liao is a senior who enjoys writing poetry and fictional short stories. She particularly enjoys lyrical compositions that comment on the nature of human sentiment or relationships between the individual and the greater society. Her favorite authors include Osamu Dazai, Yan Geling, Oscar Wilde, Agatha Christie, Madeline Miller, and Italo Calvino. 

To Dwell On the Past

Perhaps in truth I did not wish for such a theatrical act of rebellion

nor the latent tragedy where I sat in idle

unable to reason, unable to act in piteous melancholy


Perhaps in truth I had wished to quietly slip away,

lilting footsteps and hushed encouragements guiding my journey

allowing me the comfort of selfish isolation and greedy sympathies


Maybe instead I could have listened,

could have retained more than mere vestiges,

more than paling recollections of frivolous promises made in doubt


But easy now, I say

Lay easy now and attend to the present,

and perhaps I may finally rest

in peace