A Child’s Bliss

Brendan Giang is a freshman at Paly who is dedicated to honing his programming skills and using them to make a positive impact on society through APPY CLUB, which he founded. Constantly seeking growth and knowledge, Brendan is a classically trained pianist, an avid thespian, and an—enthusiastic—singer.


Little footprints in the sand

Dancing, carefree, hand in hand.

In the morning sun and after’s shade,

Better feelings could not be made.


In a nest, safe and sound,

Tucked away, their minds be.

Unaware of wicked around,

It’s not they who hold the key.


Rain, hail, wind, or shine,

Matter not in their young minds.

As dark as it may seem to be,

It’s not to them. They can’t see.


Careless, ungrateful—oh how they seem:

The ignorant cannot be said, and

Do not care for what they deem.

For they’ll soon see, if not in their heads.