O’Maria Sephers is a senior who is passionate about poetry. She is particularly interested in anything that can be related too. Her favorite authors are Maya Angelou, Porsha Olayiwola, and Rudy Francisco.


Have you ever wanted something so badly

Does your body ache just at the idea of it?


It becomes the oxygen you breathe, 

And the wall around your heart,


It slowly bleeds within you, 

Drowning you in the idea of it. 


And when you begin to stop longing for it,

The world suddenly stops.


Do you ever think about having the ability to travel in time?


To experience the “once in a lifetime” just once more,


To revisit the best times of our life?


Times when we were just children,


When we believed boys had cooties,

And girls were weird,


That Santa had brought presents,

And the tooth fairy really gave us money.


Back to those nights we looked at the stars and counted how many we could see,

When we would travel across the constellations in search of our dreams,


When our only worries were birthday party themes,

And costumes for Halloween.


Where we hugged anything that took a breath,

And smiled genuinely.


To experience the days we could actually say we were truly happy.


If there’s anything I’ve ever wanted,

To the point the idea ate me alive,


It would be to stop us from desiring to grow up,


Because now that we’re older,

All we want is the chance to go back in time.