Clipped Wings

Lucianna Peralta is a junior who is passionate about realistic fiction. She is particularly interested in stories that have an imbedded cultural background without overshadowing the plotline and characters. Her favorite authors are Leigh Bardugo and Tricia Levenseller.



And like a bird caged in, 

it’s tears start to shed. 

Blinded in the end,


stripped from its head. 


Struggling to form sound, 

as its insides break loose 

they feel lost 

but finally,

they can think. 


What is freedom?

One so desperately needed 

to survive,

to hope,

to feel alive.

Is it confirmed action, or simply being.

Thought, emotion, feeling.


What is clearly lacked to us–

that has become our humble freedom.

Is it drive,

the betterment of oneself.

Is it selfishness,

appropriate happiness

or the hues of sadness that wash over from dawn till dusk.


What is freedom?

The power to do anything

and yet,

in the end

when it’s what we seek, 

we are powerless 

and thus condemned.