Feeling Shaky in the Dynasty of Infatuation

Alice Sheffer is a freshman who likes to write short pieces and poetry. She’s interested in how short pieces can be impactful despite the small amount of words. Her favorite authors are Italo Calvino and Amanda Lovelace.


You pause and relay the words I told you, 

instructions for swordplay with the stars. 

Fragile dewdrop roll down the hourglass 

nailed tightly on the rooftop near your bed. 


The tangled affair that you think private, and I tell you to beware ‘cause I know. 

You’re not in wonderland; dance without a care. Anticipate the backhand and fall off the edge. You were so close-knit and felt so square, 

keeping your secrets twilit and triangular. 

Above, whirling turns with your circular classical crooning, something sweet I could swing every day. 


He’s so your sweetheart; angles acute and astronomical.

Back then, you used to outsmart olives and Oliver.

Drive the Mustang to his spaceship landing dock instead.

Always comes back; boomerang let out into the lake.

My future: is bleak when you’re not wistfully with me.

Down the drain goes my physique after you.