The World Inside my Mind

Harvey Vostrejs is a senior at Paly. He is passionate about all sorts of writing, especially poetry and plays. He hopes to one day publish a book.


Twirling through the air




My mind is an unexplored world

Neon forests

Waterfalls flowing the Words

A stream of consciousness

Colors in my mind

Stories unwinding

Loose thread

I throw it down on paper

Immortalizing my thoughts before they fade

Black ink

Feelings pressed onto paper

Releasing the pent-up energy

Glowing lights

wrong way

Floating mountains

A secret place that only I get to see

I try to explain it

To share the beauty I see

And the best way I can do it is through words


Weaving stories

Multicolored tapestries 

I release these thoughts into the sky

And watch them fly away.