Mother of All and Nothing


Harvey Vostrejs is a junior at Paly. He is passionate about all sorts of writing, especially poetry and plays. He hopes to one day publish a book.


I float alone in the silent expanse of nothing. Weightless. Black expanding on for centuries and seconds and miles, I can’t tell if my eyes are open or closed. The black is as dense as iron. I am scared of the dark; scared of the unknowing, the eternity of this place.

I am held in a large hand, cradled like a newborn. The mother of all and nothing stares down at me. Her hair is woven of galaxies and the fabric of time itself. She is made out of the same inky black as this land, her body both liquid and solid.

“Do not be afraid of the dark, my child. People fear it because they can’t understand it. But the dark, oh the dark is the epitome of beauty. The dark is wild. Free. It’s where shadows go to play. They dance around the setting sun, singing songs of life and breath.”

She is young and old, ageless and immaterial. She is a woman and a man and everything in between. She is creation. She waves her hand, and I see the whole expanse of everything before my eyes.

“The dark is full of secrets. The dark is peaceful. My daughter, my son, my child, the dark is as warm as the sun. Both exist in endless bounty. Balance in all or nothing. Welcome to the dark. Yes, it is wild and fierce. But that is the wonder of it. For you too are wild and fierce. You are made of light and dark, fire and ice. Your spirit is stars and explosions and stories. Never let anyone take that away from you. You were designed by me, perfect in every way.”

“But what about my flaws? My scars, my curves, my imperfections? If I am so fierce, why do I cry? Why do I feel? That is weakness, feeling.”

“The opposite. The feeling is power. It drives you. And your scars are signs of strength. Every imperfection is perfection. I put it there myself. I created you, molded you out of earth and sky and flames. I created you as you are. Love every piece of you, for it was designed on purpose. You are wild, uncontrollable, just as intended. I will see you again, my child. But until then, remember this: you are made of my heart and soul. You are indestructible. You are sunlight and moondust and dreams. The dark is your friend. I will be watching over you until eternity ends.”