Skies and Fireflies

Siena Adwere-Boamah , Author

Skies and Fireflies


Beneath the skies and fireflies,

Tears fall from your eyes like raindrops


And the air hangs heavy like sweet molasses,

It threatens to pull us down


Thoughts swirling and spinning inside my head,

Hurricane in my mind, I can never hide


And now my weary spirit splits in two,

As I watch myself slowly fall


The once howling wind will start to dull,

But as it leaves it steals my soul


And I am left to walk alone,

Among the shadows, on my own


Walk this cursed path till the ground runs red,

And my body trembles with ice and terror


The boiling rage, replaced by frost in my veins,

As the stars taunt me from above


Eyes blurring, drops cascading down,

And I am slipping


Melting away, 

decomposing into this peaceful ground


To make way for the tulips that will bloom,