Dedicated to former campus supervisor Ernesto Cruz

I never told you,

But you reminded me of a sunflower.


And the thought of having to say goodbye makes me wilt.


I’ve been told goodbyes are temporary,

It’s just physically they are an eternity,

An eternity of not seeing your radiant yellow glow.


It’s an eternity of missing your words of kindness,

Or your infectious laughter and smile,

An eternity not hearing “my beautiful friend” when you greeted me.


The morning breeze and fresh air on campus,

Will fill us with your sense of humor.


The thought of your smiling face,

Will bring ease to our heavy hearts.


Precious moments will be turned into a memory,

That will replay in our minds whenever we close our eyes.


Your wise advice shall be dispersed throughout the campus like dandelions.


And while you may not be here physically,

We know this isn’t a goodbye,

But a see you later,

To our “beautiful friend.”