The Tree


I am just a tree.


The birds and squirrels divide me up

And live peacefully on my branches.

As I watch over all, I see the cycle of life

Occur over and over again, but not with me.


I stand here, rooted and protected.


Look here, there’s an eagle.

It seems as if it’s leaving–

Where must it go?

Is it bound by the instructions of its superiors? 

Or will it go someplace where it can follow its most heartfelt dreams?

I may never know

As I have known nothing but here.

Goodbye, my eagle.


There is life beyond the animals who call me home.


I see children grow up and leave,

And, soon after, new children walk by

And love to touch my pines

As I stand confident and tall.

Sometimes they come back

But never to greet me.

They simply walk on my roots 

That travel below the wide gravel path.


I wish I had wings like the eagle

Or the innocent freedom of a child

That incentivizes me to run away, start anew.

But for the centuries I may reside on this Earth,


I am just a tree.