As a kid growing up in this highly strung town,

Pencils scratching is the most common sound.

They work tirelessly to be more than normal, 

From what people say, being average

Just sounds horrible.


They say you can’t just be “normal”

That won’t get you far enough 

When this world, this society, is just so rough.

Average people don’t make it

Anywhere extraordinary. 

Oh how boring it is when you’re just so ordinary.


They have expectations

But you have to exceed them.

You’re asking for help? 

No, you don’t need them.

Just focus on work and keep your head down–

keep on swimming and try not to drown.


Look at where you live, 

Those big names that lived here.

Yes, you’re just a kid,

But if you’re average you’ll disappear.


I force myself to remember 

That anywhere else

I could just be plain normal

And satisfied with myself.