Kaliope Hendershot is a sophomore who takes comfort in writing poetry. She prides herself in capturing aspects of the feminine experience and making poetry feel human. Other interests include watching movies and baking for her loved ones. Her current favorite authors are Sylvia Plath and Robert Frost.



I wept the whole way to the airport 


the green pastures made my eyes swell 

the driver recognized I was unwell 


it was just too beautiful to say goodbye 

so my hail mary was to mourn and cry 


the taxi driver reminded me not to worry 

and that my life was in no hurry 


he said, “you have a whole life at home” 

if only he had known: 


this city just understood me 

so let me live while I’m still healthy


this was no longer just a vacation 

at last I had found my destination 


after a fifteen-year-long nap 

I woke up in that taxi cab 


the idea of staying gave me no fear 

So I replied “but my life is here”