Involuntary Ignition

Isabelle Lau is a sophomore who is passionate about fantasy. They are particularly interested in making fiction creative, peculiar and seem almost realistic with breathtaking details written straight from the imaginative mind. Currently, there are no specific authors that inspire her although throughout her childhood, Shel Silverstein was a poet she had admired.


Outbursts of lively flames dance and crackle,

Wildly scorching the things it grazes.

Rising loops and cowering flickers

It reaches the roof of my mouth, now seething through clenched teeth.

It becomes intoxicating as the ashy smoke fills my lungs,

Blooming in every corner of my body.

A charcoal aftertaste left bitter on my tongue.

Salty tears well up in my eyes,

Evaporating at the touch of my scalding, fiery skin.

My body, leaking with adrenaline and cortisol.

I endeavor to restrain myself,

But the candle in my body only burns brighter.